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Little Professor Skye BPA Free Kids Straw Water Bottle

-13 oz Kids Straw Bottles. -BPA Free -Pop-up Straw with secure slide lid

Little Professor Skye Coloring Book

The Little Professor Skye Coloring Book is filled with vibrant ideas of science, math and enterprise. Combined with “Little Professor Skye Favorite Things” the books highlight the activities that we want our children to utilize in order to formulate the type of personality that creates genius and a loving, kind child and adult.   Children will have the chance to color 101 pages of scenes from Skye's daily adventures. The book contains 2 full pages of stickers and journal pages for your young ones to express themselves.

Little Professor Skye Gummy Bears Multivitamin

Gluten Free. Provides the complete multi-vitamin and mineral support for children. Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Orange & Grape Flavored.

Little Professor Skye Natural Tote Bag with Yellow Handle

Little Professor Skye Natural Tote Bag with Yellow Handle

Little Professor Skye – Favorite Things - Hardcover Book

Who run the world? GIR– oh, wait. Sorry. Hang on. We want to think about this for a second. We’re going to switch things up this time. Who run the world? Engineers. Engineers run the world – because they build the tools we use every day, from public transportation routes to the software on our phones. Little Professor Skye the perfect book children that shows the possibilities of imagination and learning. Skye's adventures in an awesomely long, fun-filled day show the various interests and curious thoughts children her age have and when allowed to run free, expose the beauty of creativity from the mind of a child. Little Professor Skye is just like every other young lady who has a robot as a pal and experiences all her favorite activities in one day. From a school visit by the White House's First Family to tea parties, to rocking out with...

Little Professor Skye: Sleep Sleep, Dream Dream

Are you looking for a bedtime and/or nap-time book to share with the favorite child? Everyday a child should know that bed time serves a larger purpose. Dreams happen while they sleep. Sleep, Sleep. Dream, Dream is the newest book in the Little Professor Skye series. This small board book is a perfect nighttime read for our beginning readers. In Sleep, Sleep. Dream, Dream, Little Professor Skye finds her crown and learns the value of her Plush Crew. Like your child, she is surrounded by stuff animals who encourage her to use her imagination and explore possibilities. Affirmations fill these pages to reassure our children how successful and surrounded by love they are. Throughout your child's nightly journey, we encourage the three Cs: Confidence, Character and Courage.  This book is made with love for our children who count on us to dream with them and encourage them to fly high and...