Skye Is The Limit: A Book Review

“Our children need to know that technology is their friend, and not something that is out of their reach or intimidating.” Munson Steed, the founder of Rolling Out Urbanstyle weekly and CEO of Steed Media Group, brings his philosophy to life in his new children’s book, Little Professor Skye – Favorite Things. The concept of technology is embodied in the form of the robot, Cutie Pie, who befriends the book’s title character, Skye, a multi-faceted and prodigious African-American 10 year old. Her father, a scientist, is attentive and encouraging. His focus on her is—thankfully—non-sentimental. Instead, it’s pure and firm insistence on midwifing his daughter’s success.

When Skye slips out of bed and into her father’s lab, her father seizes a teaching opportunity. “My project is for intelligent, curious, little girls like you,” he says before introducing Skye to the pink and affable Cutie Pie and tasking her with showing the machine all of her favorite things. Skye takes on the challenge without hesitation and the journey begins.

Easily digestible and bursting with inspiration, Steed’s first foray into the children’s book genre is an enjoyable one.
He based the heroine on his real-life god-daughter, Skye. In his quest to constantly encourage her, he decided to create a series of books in which the character will learn, grow, and evolve while embracing the tools needed to
insure success.

A recent study showed that at 7 years old, the average black girl’s interest in STEM (Science, Technology and Math)
is at 70 percent. However, by the time that girl reaches seventh grade, her interest level falls to a paltry 7 percent.
Skye is not only comfortable with technology and loves science and math, she also is an avid reader, budding pianist, and a painter. She is learning the importance of balancing the sciences with the arts. She speaks of writing a letter to The White House and then we see the President and First Lady speak to her class. Skye’s potential is fueled by her belief in possibility. “I can go anywhere I dream, be anything I choose,” she says. Yes. All of our children need to believe the same.

Little Professor Skye’s Favorite Things
Written by Munson Steed
Illustrated by Kareem Kenyada

  • Jan 08, 2017
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